Field Notes: Founders Journal 001

Sat Oct 3rd

Heavy rain, 14 degrees

Afternoon forest run: 10kms 

Tunes: The Art of Flight Soundtrack

Stoke level: 7

Hi there.

Gareth here. One of the founders of Stohk. 

Welcome to Stohk Field Notes: Founders Journal.

WTF is Stohk Field Notes? I’m not entirely sure yet. So thanks for opening it, and getting this far!


As you can tell, we’re only just getting started over here at Stohk. So it feels pretty special that you’re here already. We promise this is going to be a lot of fun though, and we’ll get to share a beer together very soon. 


I’ve just got back from a wet autumn run. Fallen leaves. Muddy puddles. Perfect! So I’ve cracked a beer while I get warm and am scribbling this down so we can get another bit of Stohk on the move.


I promise to keep these short and sweet. Expect notes about what we’ve been doing. What we’re planning. The triumphs and the crashes. Just an inside scoop on the real stuff that goes on from day to day in trying to create something new like this from scratch.


We’re heading down to Cornwall next weekend to hit some gravel spots for a ride. Oh yeah, and to brew the first test batch of our Stohk XPA! As you’re here early, you’re going to be the first to get to taste it!!


For now though, keep sharing the stoke. 


On the topic of which here’s something awesome that I came across this week…

Cheers. See you Out There.



PS we’re mostly hanging out @stohkofficial on instagram at the moment. Know anyone you think would be digging what we’re doing then please give us a share.

Best enjoyed after a while sitting near a