Find Your Next Adventure >> Komoot x Stohk All Terrain Beer

Heading for the trails this weekend? The quest for stoke is never done, right?
There are always more trails, more runs and more tales out there to be had.

More reasons to be outside.

That's why we're super-stoked to be teaming up with Komoot again for the latest release of our thirst-crushing
ATB Field Test 001.

An adventure-quenching 3.9% ABV, this pale ale is hazy happiness in a can. Brewed to help extend your #KomootAdventure stoke.

You'll find it at any events you're heading to this summer where Komoot are bringing the route-planning, deckchairs and good vibes. 

We've held onto a handful of cases though, just for you... 

Get them while they're fresh!

Order yours here >>

Best enjoyed after a while sitting near a