Welsh Wales, stoke and Stohk.

Well, the dust has started to settle - literally and figuratively - on Grinduro Wales, but the grins on our sunkissed chops remain.

The weather rocked. The ride rocked. And, most importantly, the Grinduro-ers themselves rocked big time. If you were there, thanks so much for bringing the stoke. And also for drinking more than your share of the Stohk.


As official post ‘duro refreshment partner, we were a little curious (anxious) as to what the crowd was going to be like...

“Will they be more about bidons than beer cups?”

“Will they be more about FTP than ABV?”

“Will they be more interested in getting in their Zzzzzzzzzs than getting in the beers?”

Well, any reservations we had were soon chain-slapped out of us. Even as tents were still being put up the night before the ride, we found ourselves trying to keep up with beer orders as much as we’re more normally used to trying to keep up on the bike.  


Yes, Grinduro is billed as having the perfect party to race ratio. But it felt like everyone was adopting an unspoken strategy of getting the partying out the way on night one before a pedal was even turned. An excellent start and such good vibes.

After discovering that the ride itself was being split in two, returning to base camp for lunch before heading out again for an afternoon loop, we decided to join the fun for the morning’s ride and were glad we did.


Still full of blueberry pancakes and excellent coffee courtesy of Elliot's Coffee Van, the colourful crew of riders set out for the Mach woods, tracks and trails. Sure, there were one or two folk with their eyes on a podium place, but what was so nice was that many were just happy to be out there riding in a big, dusty group again. Which suited us perfectly.  


Back by lunch, we didn’t even have time to wash the Wales off our legs or faces before opening the bar again, prepping finish line cans of our special Stohk X Grinduro KSA for the riders that stepped up for a dose of Vitamin G in the afternoon. 

And continue to step up to the bar they did, with our fire pit flickering on and hosting tales of the day’s events until the wee small hours.  


Thanks so much for having us Grinduro. We can’t wait to see you all again and do it all again next year. Cheers.

P.S. still thirsty, head on over to the shop here to replenish and refresh your beer stash 🍻

Best enjoyed after a while sitting near a