The Stohk First Round Club...WTF is that?

Thurs 26th Nov

Cheers for opening this email-update-newsletter-thing. 
And for devoting approx 2 mins of your life to reading it. 
We promise to make it totally worth your while though.

As you may already know, we’re building Stohk for everyone who absolutely LOVES the outdoors. For like-minded folk that we’d want to shoot the shit with at the end of an epic day outside. Because for us, that’s where the best times are to be found.

(Check out our clever diagram below)
We initially set out on this little adventure to develop, brew and field test a beer that tastes unbelievably great outside.

All with the single purpose of sharing the stoke.
(Or the Stohk even)


So when we got to thinking about our next project/product, we knew it had to be good enough for a lifetime of these adventures and stories. 

Which is why we chose to team up with the ace folk over at MiiR to
make it out of desirable yet droppable stainless steel. Ready for anything you can throw at it, and anywhere it needs to go. Perfect for sharing the moment. And for the endless search for more of those moments to follow.

We call it The TallBoy.

Yes, it’s a super-limited, UK-first epic beverage holder.
Yes, it will level-up your perceived radness in the eyes of
all your friends.
Yes, it will be a vessel to hold on to for many, many years to come. Just like those moments that you’re making out there. 

But wait. It’s also a whole lot more than that... 

It’s your lifetime membership to our Stohk First Round Club.

You see, we want to say thanks for letting us play a small part in your adventures out there. And we can’t wait to join you in some of them. One day we’d love to even host them for you. And when we do, we’d be stoked to fill your TallBoy with our XPA whenever we see you. On us. For free. *Forever.

We’ll also make sure that you get early access to all future
Stohk news... Stohk products... Stohk launch events...
Stohk collaborations even. 

“What’s that? There are only 50
Stohk First Round Club memberships available???”


Correct. Just 50. And here’s what you get:

EDIT 22.08.21 >> the above edition sold out.

We've 5 only for this final run so act fast. 

1x Stohk SS TallBoy to hold your beer/dreams/good times
24x330ml Stohk XPA (our perfect après-adventure quencher)
A lifetime of stoke as standard 

All for £95 (inc delivery)

*Sure, we can’t host you right now. It’s still a little early for us on that front. So, until we can, every time you buy a 12pk of Stohk XPA online, we’ll fill your tallboy with one of those 12 fresh beers on us. Deal?

Well, if you’ve got this far, you’re probably a bit thirsty.
While it lasts, grab your membership, first off the line XPA 002,
and TallBoy right here:

Join the Stohk First Round Club

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.
And for all your support so far.
We really hope you’re digging what we’re up to.
And we really hope to get the opportunity to see you in-person one of these days and share some of these good times together.

See you out there...

Gareth, Aled, Michael and Matt.

Best enjoyed after a while sitting near a