Once upon a time (well, quite recently actually) a small group of friends (us) set out to start an adventurous outdoor company. As zero outdoor companies whatsoever do, this one started life by making great beer. Random? Yes. Delicious? Most definitely.

See you really MUST taste our XPA at the end of a mega day in the saddle or on the trail.

Cold-brewed in small batches and left unfiltered, our XPA went through a lengthy field test process to be the perfect aprés-adventure quencher. 

An Extra Pale Ale that sits perfectly in the sweet spot between crisp refreshing lager beers and full-flavoured, aromatic IPAs.

See, for us, a great beer helps bring everything and everyone together at the end of an epic day. At this magical moment, all the highs and lows, triumphs and tumbles, and stories of the day become the memories that last a lifetime.

Stohk XPA is brewed to perfectly sit in this moment – when you’re telling these stories and the storytelling must go on. When you want a beer that passes the ‘another one of those please’ test!

We’ll not bore you with the finer details here, but if for some reason you’re a hop-head too, you’re welcome to drop co-founder Gareth a note for a bit more in-depth beer chat. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Stohk XPA.
Best served outside. After a ride. Or a run. Or a ramble. Or any other outdoor activity beginning with the letter ‘r’.

Why not give it a try? Available and shipping fresh off the line here >>

WTF is Stohk?
An Outdoor Beer Company.
See you out there.


Best enjoyed after a while sitting near a